Default email customization


When you add a domain to the panel, an email is sent to the entered email address telling the username, password and the panel address.

How can i customize this email? Where can i find the default file?

I wanted to add some more info in that email - for example - default address where to access webmail (which like what you said -i, ways to configure outlook and other information. I think its a nice idea that once you add the domain, the new user will receive all these other valuable info.



sory, it is hardcoded in classapp.php file,
i may consider puting it in a template file, later,

open classapp.php,
find function addDomaniDirect
find row:
$msguser="ehcp: $domainname domain created in ehcp panel at http://".$this->conf['dnsip']." Your panelusername: $panelusername, Password: $paneluserpass, ftpusername: $ftpusername, ftp pass: $ftppassword ";

change it whatever you want,
note that, this is php code, so you need to care about php syntax, otherwise new file wont work.
I suggest you to backup existing file.

see you



What is the best method to desactivate this email send ?

I send informations later when the joomla application is installed.

open classapp.php,
find function addDomaniDirect
put a # at start of mail( function

hi, thank you but can you give me the line number ?

i found a lot of "$msguser="

i think you want to said addDomainDirect, not addDomaniDirect

if you use current ehcp (ver 0.29.12) that can be downloaded from,
(you see version number on left bottom of your ehcp gui)

then, line number is 3270 in classapp.php
the line has:
if($email<>'') mail($email,"Your domain $domainname set up in ehcp panel", $msguser,"From: ".$this->conf['adminemail']);

make it appear:
#if($email<>'') mail($email,"Your domain $domainname set up in ehcp panel", $msguser,"From: ".$this->conf['adminemail']);