Mail Configurations


First of all, I'd like to thank and congratulate the founder and developer of this wonderful panel. Let me just say that I've tried a lot of free panels out there, and nothing can beat this one! Id like to be able to contribute soon, at least by developing templates and other GUIs. So far everything works really good!

So for my question:
Mail. Ive created I was hoping i could access webmail from that address instead of going to the ehcp panel and clicking webmail. Same thing for ftp - Is there a way to do this?

Id appreciate a reply.



you may connect ftp using
same is true for webmail,
goto url:
you will see webmail

Congratulations that you found ehcp... and that you found it useful.
if you have further questions, ask here...

I cannot connect to my webmail by typing must I make some kinde of configuration in ehcp ?

Normally you dont need to do any special config.

I analyzed your domain, and found that your domain has dns:

which are not in your server.
Do one of these:
1- modify dns of to be a dns in your server, such as and
2- setup in dns control panel in

currently, you cannot access because dns for that is not defined in

To understand fully the case, read: (use google translate Turkish->English)

As i see, all your domains' dns servers are different, you should you should better unify all.
if you have a server, you should use your own dns, (After learning all stuff... )

But my dns is on a webhotel. And Ihave my server here at home. Or how do I modify dns ?

you should read links that i gave to you.

if you have a server at home, (relatively stable, regarding network link) you may use your own server as your own dns server.
That is up to you. this is possible, easy and default setup in ehcp.

However, if you want to use another system such as webhotel as your dns server, you can, But in this case, you should setup all your dns settings in control panel of that...
Howto modify: that depends on panel of webhotel.. i dont know that, you should consult their manual/help.
you should add dns for: -> yourserverip


Can I some how get login page linked to my doman name ?

login page of what ?
ehcp ?
if you wish to put your ehcp login page in your domain,
you can simply copy ehcp files to home folder of your domain.

If Iwhant to log in on webmail through my doman how do I do that ?
Where can I find those file to copy ?

if you talk about webmail login,
you may normally do webmail login at:

But this works ifyou redirected from your dns to your current server.

if you use ehcp as your primary server, this is automatically done..
if you use another dns server, you need to do that in that dns server.

for example, you may look at

Why cant I just have webmail login on one off my doman namnes index page ?

here is the way (will be integrated into future versions of ehcp):

go to
copy code,
go to your phpmyadmin, ehcp db, click sql,
paste there, execute,

go to ehcp gui,
choose your domain,
click on easy install scripts,
choose webmail at bottom,
choose a directory, click submit,
webmail will be ready at directory you supplied,
from now on, you will be able to install webmail to wherever you want, through easy install scripts..

Okej thanx. I will try this.

*edit the script works perfect.

Can you make a script like that one you made for me to webmailen but for the control panel?

Can I some how later delete this scripts in Easy install scripts ?

yes, i will try for ehcp -> domain
i will prepare and write to you.

yes, you can easily delete, but not with ehcp gui,
this way:
go to phpmyadmin, login, choose ehcp db,
scripts table, delete whichever you want...

Okey thanx!

I wait for the script. Must say this is where good support all cred to you ehcpdeveloper.

Here is howto include ehcp itself in easy install scripts:
1-go to
2-apply it to your phpmyadmin, ehcp db,

4-extract and put in your original ehcp dir.
5-restart ehcp daemon: /etc/init.d/ehcp restart

6-open ehcp gui,
7-go to your domain in which you want to install ehcp gui.
8-click on easy install scripts, click on bottom, "ehcp itself", install into any dir you want.

Note that, this installs ehcp gui on your destination domain/dir. ehcp daemon continues to run from original location.
You can use ehcp gui normally, on your new place..

Version 0.29.08 and newer versions will have this feature directly. Those who (will) have 0.29.08 don't need to do steps 1-5