Feature requests

There are a few things I'd like to have in ehcp that wouldn't require much work. Here it goes:
1. The language and templates selection options should be in the settings/options menu.
2. The posibility to edit the dns zone for a domain (simple text edit of the zone file) and the option to reload dns zones.

3. Tables / divs sould have id's and no inline formating so you can change the formating from the template's css file. This isn't very important.

I will deal with all, a brief explanation:
1- easy to implement,
2- easy to implement, may lead to wrong format in dns zone files, and to malfunction of dns.. anyway, for experienced users this is a need; reload dns is already present at options or old menu, sync dns..
3- html design issue, we may fix this as we edit some pages.. you are right...

I have 2 more simple requests:
1. Add links to "add domain", "Easy add domain to my ftp" and "easy add domain" in "?op=selectdomain".
2. Add a domain (user, ftp etc.) search form (like the one in plesk). I'm thinking of a small search form you can display in the left div.

Thank you! :)

Later edit: Is there any way of displaying the loged in user name and other information in the banner? (something like "welcome, {user}! Log out.")

1- do you mean, add those links after selecting a domain ? (Already implemented in new template xp2, thanks to deconectat)
2- all kind of searches exist in "list .... " , when you list db's for ex, a small search form exist below... same for old menu-list domains... But as you said, it is a good idea to put domain search form (even better with ajax) on left pane...

thank you for your offers and brain gymnastic...:)

2. I added the search form on my template, but for the search results to be useful you'll need to change the way they are displayed. (I tried to edit classapp.php myself, but i don't understand anything because it's in turkish)

Could you add something like <-a href="?op=choosedomaingonextop&nextop=selectdomain&domainname=$domainname">$domainname<-/a> in the domain column?

Le: I used <-a> because i didn't want drupal to parse the link.

LLE: Also, could you add an id to that table and change the first row to a th?

i fixed domain list as you wanted.. now, when you click on magnifier image on domain search list, domain is selected and displayed...

changed first column of table to th,
added id as id=tabledomains and so on on different tables..
i am mailing you new file..
btw, i chaned default template of ehcp to your xp2 style, new downloads are with xp2... :)
see you

I have a few more requests, if posibble:

1. When I add a domain, the data from the dns template should be copied to mysql and I should be able to edit the dns zone for each domain. The sync domain option should read the data from mysql and rebuild the dns zones.
2. All the settings should be moved from classapp.php to a mysql table and they shouldn't be overwritten when I update ehcp. This way everyone could update as soon as a new version of ehcp is released.

3. You should try to translate all the code to english (variables, functions & comments) so anyone can make improvements to the code without having to learn turkish. (I know this is hard)

Thank you for your great work! :)

1- I will implement this as soon as possible, this is very logical and good idea,

2- There should be few settings in classapp.php, you are right, settings should be in a database form.. Can you explain, which settings exist in php like you said ? which ones are more important ?

3- right, i will do it as i handle the code, i cleanet abit, i will clean more..

thank you for you suggestions, continue to write your ideas ...

your first request is almost done,
not only dns zones, apache conf file also will be editable for eacy domain,
i plan to release this with next minor version of 0.29.06

Thank you! :)

Maybe you could also include awstats and jawstats in the next release. Jawstats looks a lot nicer than webalizer. :)

How dificult would it be to integrate a file explorer like extplorer? I have it installed on my server, but I don't know if it can be integrated with ehcp's authentication and file permisions.

I have a few databases created from phpmyadmin, not ehcp and they don't show up in ehcp. This isn't a problem, but when I make a backup those databases aren't copied. Maybe you could use the MySQL root password and export all the databases, not just the ones in the ehcp/mysqldb table.

explorer: let me know which explorer do you use, let me download it, i will check and say you result; as you know, ehcp is simple, lightweight and fast, so, i take care of any modules that i integrate into it.

mysql db: you may manually add those tables into ehcp db, as: goto phpmyadmin, choose mysqldb table, insert row, insert your mysql db name and so on.. similar to other records.. then you will see all your db in ehcp, hence, you will be able to backup..

i will check (j)awstats too.

see you.

Another email program other than SquirrelMail, I'm not real hip on SquirrelMail.

Nginux is appearing more more and more over VPS servers because the Ram Comsuption is critical, i'll love a EHCP version that uses Nginx and/or Apache and can shich beween these very fantastic servers.
Maybe a Nginux to Apache migrator tool and viceversa.

1) you will not seriously run ehcp on a vps(eaven if it works fine on a vps)

2) as long as your system don´t swap all is ok, let´s use the ram it´s made for it.

3) you can allways adjust the apache settings to save some ram if needed

4) udjust your mysql settings because it´s using often to much ram

administrating a root-server is much more then copy and paste installs.