Notice for adding new scripts to ehcp.

As you all know.
Ehcp is very useful for everyone.

I wanted to actually state something here.
Which might be useful.
As you know ehcp does now have support for script add-ons.

I do wish to inform everyone though.
I've recently had some issues with adding .zip script folders to the cp.

So just a notice for everyone who does use ehcp.

You may need a zip file opening program so it can execute the files.
Since linux (by default) does not support .zip format.
Your best bet would be getting the url of a tar.gz file.

However it may work if you have a zip opener on your server.
I was not successful though.

Some linux Distros may actually come by default also.

I also hope to see a couple of things on ehcp.
I will post these suggestions on our forums.

Thanks everyone!