Blank page after Language change

I installed EHCP on Ubuntu 8.10 - after changing the language to 'de' , I got a blank page. Worked fine in english.

Is there a problem with the german translation....if so let me know what needs to be translated, I'll do that as I have time and then I'll send it to you or post it somewhere so others can benefit.

Another thing is setting up the databank is not so simple, I've setup many servers using a different control panel which was easier. I will investigate this a bit more just to see if the problem was me. Then report what the problem was, if any, and how to do that easier.

Main prob: getting the english language to work again and getting rid of the blank page.

1- Normally as of ehcp ver 0.26, ehcp should not give blank page even you choose something wrong, or even you try to choose a language that does not exist..
if you use ver 0.28, there should be no problem, concerning blank page.. if there is, i need to trace it myself,

if you click on a language, whose files does not exist, it says: "files not found, using english again.." somthing like this.

2- German files does not exist too. it is put as a template there.
You may translate it by taking files in templates/default/en/*
translate files in this location, and put them on templates/default/german/*
Most used template files are:

change _en to _german too in filenames..

it would be very nice to send me new german lang files..

3- Falling back to en template is simple, just close browser, and reopen, go to your panel... it should work like that..

if you have further problems, i will help as much as i can.

Thanks that info is very clear and precise.

I went shopping and came back and everything is working.

I will begin translating on monday and send you the files (after I've tested them) - I think sometime next weekend.
Where should I send them?

my msn/email: or
gtalk/gmail/skype/yahoo: ehcpdeveloper

see you..