Ehcp 0.38.3.b for Ubuntu 16.04 - Updated

We have worked on Ehcp for Ubuntu 16.04, tested basic features and the new Ehcp is ready for testing. You can download it from

(this 0.38.3.b version is newer than 0.38.b, it is updated)

Highlights from this new version:
* Ubuntu 16.04 and most probably older versions supported
* Updated codebase according to php7 as in Ubuntu 16.04
* Ftp server changed to a python based daemon (use port 2121 for ftp connection)
* Included adodb upgraded
* Many minor code fixes

Please test this version on Ubuntu 16.04 and lower versions, share your thoughts with us (
We also tested this many times on Ubuntu 16.04, the test results are at

Note that, older versions of ehcp does not install on Ubuntu 16.04, due to some major changes in this release, such as php7, instead of php5.

Older versions of Ehcp used vsftpd as ftp layer. Vsftpd had many problems with mysql auth and new Ubuntu versions. So, we had to try different mysql-auth based ftp servers, decided to use a python based ftp server that is built from scratch. We also need to test this new ftp subsystem.

Installation commands:

wget -O ehcp.tgz
tar -zxvf ehcp.tgz
cd ehcp