to get domain working

ehcp: to get a domain working,
ehcp: for example,,
ehcp user: Ok
ehcp: add it in ehcp,
ehcp: ehcp adds and automatically.
ehcp: then go to domain seller, that you baught,
ehcp: redirect dns of to and with ip of you server
ehcp: ip as seen from outside.
ehcp: this way, your domain works automatically.
ehcp user: Ok also is there a way for like other websites to be able to login with just there website name and not mine?
ehcp user: I also use domainz4less if that helps.
ehcp: I did not understand you question,
ehcp: and I don't know about domainz4less
ehcp user: Ok well as you know to login to some ones account via FTP
ehcp: what is that..
ehcp user: You have to type the domain of the cp
ehcp: yes.
ehcp: oh yes..
ehcp user: Cant you login with the users domain like and it would connect to the main website?
ehcp user: Domainz4less is a domain seller
ehcp: 1min
ehcp: yes, you can use any domain in ehcp, like that
ehcp: the user can connect to his/her domain as
ehcp user: Well when i try it just says hostname not found and stuff.
ehcp: provided that domain is redirected to your ip/dns
ehcp: then, the domain, is not redirected to ip/dns of your server
ehcp user: So you mean just redirecting or doing some CNAME record changing or adding my host?
ehcp: in your domain seller
ehcp: do redirect to dns of your server,
ehcp: or on domain seller: create a a or cname record...
ehcp user: You dont mean adding name servers correct? just redirecting
ehcp: the first is better
ehcp: yes, adding name servers,
ehcp: and editing name servers to be dns address of your server.
ehcp: it should work that way..

user: I had 1 ips on my router
user: dns has 2
ehcp: same ip for both ns1. and ns2

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