Couild add spam filter to next ehcp version?

I have already write topic about how to add amavis to ehcp.
Could add amavis and spamassassin to next ehcp version?

I wish I could do this soon. However, mail related subjects are alread complicated and many people are having issues with it. So, it may be another layer of complexity and source of error for newbies.. it may confuse many people.

I may inlclude spam filters after an error-free and solid spam layer is found (I or somebody finds..)

For now, spamassassin way is to use the analysis to check for spam, so the analysis points out the key points, amavis can set the score to decide whether to spam, and treatment. And ehcp timing must be able to use sa-learn instruction to learn spam and non-spam, so you can make a better judgment ehcp. this part of the proposal when the new time domain, create spam and non-spam establish these two accounts.

We need to make it solid. That is, easily installable, error-free, hassle free. Anybody with knowledge on anti-spam in Ubuntu & Postfix is welcome.
ehcp uses Postfix as email layer. Thank you.

You need to add a third party spam filter on Cialis