For converting existing server/vps to ehcp

If you want to convert your server/vps to an ehcp managed server, and you have some domains on it,

Possible solutions:

(Ordered as most suggested--> to -> least suggested)

As you said, perhaps the best way is what you said:
reinstall tho OS, install ehcp, add/setup your domain.
For this:
I suggest Ubuntu 14.04,
ehcp: (this is ver 0.37.2.b)

install OS,ehcp, then, login to panel, then, add your domain, as usully defined/told on ehcp docs/tutorials.
upload your files, add your emails..

Why I suggest this:
this is safest, cleanest way, bun unfortunately, may not be the easiest one.

the following option is a little easier only if you have already Ubuntu 14.04 installed.

If you have already installed Ubuntu 14.04 on your vps, then,
you may install ehcp, without reinstalling vps.

just install ehcp, continue as I described above. add domain etc.


If you have no Ubuntu 14.04 installed, but another Ubuntu or debian version. then, 2nd option may work.

If you have no Ubuntu or debian installed at all, then, you have to go to option 1, as ehcp only works with Ubuntu & debian.

In all situations, option 1 is cleanest and safest one.

see you.