Known Problems of Ehcp

I will fill this list as known problems appear:

A) If domains has very large number of files, sync domains may take long time. What do you think about this ? How we should handle this situation ? long processing time is caused by chmod and chown commands in sync domains procedure.
Possible solutions to be coded:
- disable chown&chmod for syncdomains, for all domains or for some domains,
What you suggest ?

B) ehcp daemon stops working after a few hours or days. Currently, I do not know why, will search the cause and fix it. Until then, it is a good idea to put in crontab something like:

1 */12 * * * /etc/init.d/ehcp restart &

you may put this in crontab using, crontab -e in command line.

As you know, if ehcp daemon does not work, many operations such as domain add/setup will not complete.

C) I just noticed this (nov.2014): this is highly related to section B; if you restart ehcp using crontab, some commands cannot be found, most probably because of environmental variables. So, Until fixed, do not use crontab to restart ehcp.