howto replace default index file

to change default index file that is put each time a domain set up:
go to phpmyadmin,
goto ehcp db, misc table,
browse table, find row with indexfile, change value or longvalue..

index file for a new domain is generated by this value..

i hope this helps..

Re: hi can you help please

yes i understud that , but my questen is how can i edit this index if nextime i create a new host it olwhready has the new index.php file ? Quote:

ehcp Developer wrote:
two different ways:
1- you may connect by ftp, then go into dir then put your index file
2- on server go to /var/www/vhosts/youruser/ dir, change your index file...

see you.


spamof wrote:
Nou i whas wondering obaut this idnex wher can i change that ??? and can you tell me wher das the virtualhost file whrites ?


ehcp Developer wrote:
You may simply replace file at /var/www/index.html


spamof wrote:
Hi can you please tel me hou can i change default ehcp-apache index ?