Q&A: Upgrade Ubuntu & Ehcp

After upgrading Ubuntu & ehcp, vsftpd also should work normally. We tested a few times, and I am reported that vsftpd works with _yeni installer. However, note that there is always risks when upgrading, because Ubuntu, vsftpd and other software makers may change something on the fly, realtime and we cannot update everyday. We try to update soon after something has broken.

Currently, it seems to work with all Ubuntu versions (10-12.10)

Regarding upgrade procedure,

If you are running a mission critical server, such as a commercial hosting business, I suggest you to do a full backup, because, in case of any failure in Ubuntu&ehcp upgrade, you need to fall back both. I say this because you are planning an OS&ehcp upgrade, that is, Ubuntu&ehcp upgrade.

I suggest you to upgrade your Ubuntu first, then, ehcp.

ehcp upgrade is almost copy & paste, do this, in short:

backup your config.php inside ehcp dir,
replace all ehcp files with ehcp_yeni.tgz (or whatever new version)
restore config.php
/etc/init.d/ehcp restart
ehcp gui->logout->login back (this fixes some db fields)
ehcp gui->options->fix ehcp configuration
This should satisfy regarding upgrade. If your domains work normally after upgrade, thats all.
If not, we can work on problems, if any.

Hope this is useful.

(Note: this post is written with taking permission from Q. asker, by hiding some private info, such as email&name. Not all emails are converted to forum posts here..)

> Hi!
> I read your forum post about testing ehcp-yeni for vsftp compatibility
> in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS . I would love to upgrade to a new Ubuntu release,
> that means I have to update ehcp, too, right? At the moment I run Ubuntu
> 10.04 LTS and I need to move on to 12.04 LTS.
> I assume upgrading Ubuntu also bares the risk that vsftp won't work
> anymore? Or is that totally secure? Anyway, what files should I
> overwrite in your opinion to do a complete upgrade, only classapp.php? I
> plan to first upgrade from ehcp 0.30.9 to 0.35.2 and if that worked
> upgrade the Ubuntu release. Or would you recommend differently?
> Anyway, thanks for this great software!
> Best regards,


It should work on all versions of Ubuntu up to 13.10.

Also, unless you've changed something in Yeni, the upgrade procedure will not run the fixes that the EHCP installer will. As a result, if you upgrade Ubuntu, you may still run into problems, as the upgrade procedure for EHCP will not run the fixes in the installer since you are not installing a fresh copy of EHCP.

The below guide only covers issues you may experience with VSFTPD post upgrade of Ubuntu and EHCP:

EHCP VSFTPD Fixes By Ubuntu Version

EHCP Force Edition