Backup folders empty

I installed EHCP 0.30.9 installed in Ubuntu Server 12.04. I have tried several times to create a backup of my whole server using the backup utility in the EHCP GUI. After a few minutes, It does sends me an e-mail notifying me that the backup is done but when I check the folder under /var/backup/, the folder is empty.

I tried tail -f /var/log/ehcp.log and what it shows is like something is stuck in a loop.

The reason for the backup is that i am trying to move this server into a new Ubuntu with EHCP server.

What could be causing that?

there may be some problem in backups in that version. It seems that we fixed in new upcoming version. It is in testing stage and can be downloaded from
you can downlad that and put files in it into your ehcp dir, except config.php, as usual upgrade procedure.

In this new version, backup problem is resolved, I think/hope/am reported.

note that this is a testing version, may contain some bugs too. We are in the process of testing it.

It worked flawlessly :).

I agree.

But i think their should be more of an improvement to restoring backups, like having a script inside the backup-file, to be an installer for restoring the ehcp files automatically.

the same method as wordpress or webmin etc use to add plugins.