FTP not working - how to connect VSFTPD with Apache2 or PAM


I am trying to connect via ftp but I can not get in. I am trying to use PAM but I do not know where to get the .db file that has all the passwords.

I was thinking of using something like this for PAM:

Login using htpasswd file that does not work:

auth required pam_pwdfile.so pwdfile /etc/vsftpd/passwd
account required pam_permit.so

However there is no need to create my own pwd file since there is an existing record from EHCP so my real question is: Where does EHCP hold it's ftp passwords? If someone answers me that I can (probably) figure out the rest on my own.

P.S. I am not very clear about it but I hope someone gets it. I am basically trying to login with the existing credentials but for some reason it does not work for me??