ehcp ssl small info, number of domains for ips

an answer to a question:

transfering should not be difficult,
install new ehcp to your new server
first, upgrade, then, take backup, then, move your backup or files to new server..
before backup, I will send you latest ehcp files which contains some fixes about backup. that may help.

about ssl: I am now in the process of preparing an easy way for doing ssl in ehcp. I am not sure when it will be ready...

your ips: if you have other ssl domains for your other ip, then, you need another ıp. but, if you have no ssl domains for your other ip's, then, those ips are enaugh for your ssl domain.
an IP can be used for both ssl and non ssl domains. however, single ip cannot be used for two different ssl domains..

so, if you have for ex, single ip: you can have many non ssl domains, and one ssl domain,
if you have 2 ip's: you can have many non ssl domains + 2 ssl domain.
and so on....


Need A step by step instructions how to add ssl certificates for each domain.

can ehcp do this?

This is exactly what I'm looking for and could use this as soon as possible. I was hoping for an update from June 2012.