subdomain always show main domain page. please help

A. The first question
The first question ..?
there are new problems in 0.30.4 ehcp .. when I create a subdomain why always look up the page and the main domain ..? I've yet turns of wildcard domain, so for this to resolve the issue of what should be in the configuration ..?
actually if I could have modified the apache template. but i want when creating a subdomain, the subdomain page will appear automatically without having to change the apache template ...?

2. the second question
ehcpdir {} => ehcp directory
{homedir} => main domain directory
then for subdomain what code themselves ..? if => {subhomdir}?
{homedir} / httpdocs / subdomain / {subhomdir}
please let me know ..?

3. The third question
{domainname} will be changed automatically to MYDOMAIN.COM when I put on my apche template and save.
then what is the code for the subdomain, if ..? {subdomain}

I add a code in the apache template. but still does not work

ServerName {subdomain}.
ServerAlias ​​www. {subdomain}.
UseCanonicalName Off
DocumentRoot {homedir}
# CustomLog {homedir} / logs / access_log combined # homedir yerine, domainhomedir gibi bisey olmali ...
CustomLog / var / log / apache_common_access_log combined

php_admin_value open_basedir {homedir}
php_admin_value upload_tmp_dir {homedir} / phptmpdir
php_admin_value session.save_path {homedir} / phptmpdir

customsubdomainhttp {}

there are some complains about subdomain not working in ehcp 0.30.6
so, I am working on this.

I did not understand all of your questions, but, as far as I can understand:

{homedir} maps to home of domain, that is: /var/www/vhosts/ftpuser/

so, {homedir}/httpdocs is actual document folder for webserver/apache.

{domainname} is automatically replaced by your actual domain by ehcp.
so, you may leave it as is.

I am working on subdomain issue.

ok thanks, I'll wait for you, for the subdomain problem :)