DNS How to Set this Up Properly (Once and for All)

Sorry to be a bit rough in the Subject.
I wanted this Thread to stand out as it will help many if answered nicely.
I have looked everywhere but not found any good samples of EHCP DNS Settings.

In Short.....
OK I have installed a fresh version of Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu fully updated, zend fame-work and EHCP.
(Thats all i have installed, Very clean installation.)

I Have Several Domain Names Hosted at: www.1&1.co.uk which are forwarded to My Public Static IP Addresses. (I have not used my actual Details and substituted them with these below.)
(1&1 = www.1and1.co.uk) / 2 / 3 / 4 are my Mockup Public Static IP Addresses.))


mydomain1.com points to: [my name server] ns1.mydomain1.com and ns2.mydomain1.com (Master)
mydomain2.com points to: [my name server] ns1.mydomain1.com and ns2.mydomain1.com
mydomain3.com points to: [my name server] ns1.mydomain1.com and ns2.mydomain1.com

etc. etc.

(I then created two subdomains as suggested by 1&1)
ns1.mydomain1.com points to:
ns2.mydomain1.com points to:

I then proceeded to my registrar (ISP) and requested Revers DNS of mydomain1.com (My Master Domain)
and this successfully was setup by my registrar.

I am pulling whatever hair i have left to setup the DNS Template in EHCP and can not find any sensible information regarding the setup.

Here are my questions:
in [Edit dns template for this domain] what to i change {dnsmail}, {dnsip}, {mailip} and {webip} to ?
If not then What would my essential DNS Setting be for Domain and Mail ?
Is this a Global template or unique to each domain ?
if so... Do i need to change every individual domain dns ?
Could someone please explain what each line does in EHCP Version of DNS or offer a full sample?

I have included two snapshots (The second is a Mockup) please could you correct any mistakes ?
Many Thanks


lets give number to questions:
1-in [Edit dns template for this domain] what to i change {dnsmail}, {dnsip}, {mailip} and {webip} to ?
2-If not then What would my essential DNS Setting be for Domain and Mail ?
3-Is this a Global template or unique to each domain ?
4-if so... Do i need to change every individual domain dns ?
5-Could someone please explain what each line does in EHCP Version of DNS or offer a full sample?

1- Nothing, you need to change nothing in there. What you should ensure: ehcp->optinos->dnsip must be same as your public ip. this way, ehcp fills out all tags/fields like {dnsip},{webip} etc with your dns ip. these are tags that ehcp replaces with actual values.
{} is wrong/meaningless, may result in dns config failure.
you can still (if you wish, but not a must) put real ip here, but without { and }

2- default dns/mail/etc settings are automatically applied to ehcp/bind/dns/apache by ehcp, so that, you don't need to bother with such settings. Just you need to: add/setup your domain in ehcp with links like "add domain", "easy add domain" etc.
These commands setups automatically your dns settings for every domain. no special setting required unless you do something special to you, such as redirect mail to gmail.
dns records of:
etc, are automatically setup by ehcp.

3- It is a global template (acutally stored in a file called dnszonetemplate) that is applied to all new added domains. When you click on "edit dns template", it is copied from that file to "ehcp db" and shown on that form; when you make some changes and save it, it becomes a "domain specific dns template". From now on, that domain does not anymore use the global template (that is in dnszonetemplate), rather it uses the dns template of "that domain" which is stored in db. To cancel the "domain specific dns" and make it "use global one", just click "edit dns template", clear/delete it, then save it.

4- normally, you dont need to change/define/bother about dns settings of each domain. ehcp, as name implies, is (or trying to be) as simple as possible. So, you dont need to think about dns settings. If you wish some changes such as "redirect email to gmail" or some other, you may do in two ways:
a) to make it for "some domains", choose those domains one by one, click on "edit dns template" make any change you wish, save.
b) to make changes for "ALL DOMAINS", change "dnszonetemplate" file as you wish, then, do ehcp->options->syncdns once. from now on, every domain that you will add, will have those changed dns settings.

5- those lines are mostly standard bind dns zone configuration commands.
most interesting ones are:
ns.deneme.com. IN A {dnsip}
ns1.deneme.com. IN A {dnsip}
ns2.deneme.com. IN A {dnsip}
dns.deneme.com. IN A {dnsip}
dns1.deneme.com. IN A {dnsip}
dns2.deneme.com. IN A {dnsip}
deneme.com. IN A {webip}
mail.deneme.com. IN A {mailip}
smtp.deneme.com. IN A {webip}
imap.deneme.com. IN A {webip}
webmail.deneme.com. IN A {webip}
ftp.deneme.com. IN CNAME deneme.com.
www.deneme.com. IN CNAME deneme.com.

these are mostly used dns definitions, so, defined by default, by ehcp.

A general explanation:
ehcp is mostly transparent to well known server services such as apache, bind etc. ehcp sends configs to them, and they apply the configs to server. So, any config change that you do, is directly applied to apache/dns services. This is sometime good/powerful, sometime dangerous. if you do any mistake inc those configs, apache/dns may fail to start. if apache fails to start, you lose your connection to panel, as it uses same apache instance. in this case, you should use command line to recover it. http://ehcp.net/?q=node/848 has many resources.

You have also http://www.ehcp.net/helper/yardim/cats.php ehcp helper that, sometime is very helpful in understanding thins, in a simple way.

Thank you for your questions. this explanation was the biggest one that I made so far, to make it useful for everyone as you wished.

Ask any question that you still have in mind, I will try to answer as much as I can.

First ehcpdeveloper thank you for your work, this is great thing you doing. This is the only panel I easily setup on amazon EC2 cloud, no problems with external ip and this was really easy.

But there are problem that I can't add subdomains on my domain. Setup subdomain on ehcp with success, but it doesn't work.

Nameservers configured on namecheap.com, setup tru namecheap panel I added ip (have one external single ip for webserver) A records for mysite.com and CNAME (Alias) for subdomain sub.mysite.com.
But http://sub.example.com redirects to example.com, also http://www.sub.example.com does'nt work at all.
Sorry for my nubie questions, don't know. May be I have to modify dnstemplate in ehcp or somehow setup nameservers on hosting? Also cant to sett up subdomains in godaddy, somehow configured dns template to work with godaddy nameserevers but not subdomain setup found on their panel. Also can't find definitions for subdomain conf as well. Thank you!

no, you dont need to modify template,
actually, if you redirect that subdomain from namecheap, it should work directly,
in these cases, most probably, dns redirection from namecheap/any other registrar is missing. you should check it using tools like host, nslookup, or online ip finding tools.

in fact, if you redirect whole your domain to your server, I mean, if you use your own nameserver/your server, then, nothing will need to be done in namecheap, except initial domain redirection.

look at http://www.ehcp.net/helper/yardim/cats.php
domain section for details.
I suggest you to use your own nameserver/dns