new template and functions im working on. [screenshot]

Hey everyone. i haven't been on here on awhile but recently started working on a few things(on my development server ehcp install) that i would like to use on mine and thought i would share some things that im planning on doing and what Ive done so far. first off i decided to make a nice sleek looking template with nice icons and this is what ive got up to so far (not much yet but like how its going) i have also added a drop down menu that lets you choose your domains and sends you to the admin/reseller domain menu for the domain that you clicked within one click of the button (most of the editing was done in the classapp file just copied the quickdomain command and edited it to make it do that and a little html and it can be used on any template). im thinking of making a tab system inside the admin/reseller page that will have a tab assigned to the category eg. domain, email, ftp, MySQL, settings which will split the page into easier categories. if you have any thoughts or comments leave a comment. :) ps. im more of a graphic designer then a php coder but can do abit so i will try my best to work on suggestions.. thanks, mtipping
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seems nice. I will be waiting for your nice designs.