Clean Instalation Domain now works

Hello again

I have clean installation ubuntu 10 on EC2 with clean installation EHCP 0.29.15. and on my EC2 security group the open ports are :

0 - 65535 sg-2aab3843
22 (SSH)
25 (SMTP)
80 (HTTP)
110 (POP3)
143 (IMAP)
993 (IMAPS)
995 (POP3S)
3306 (MYSQL)
8080 (HTTP*)

0 - 65535

I have also an elastic IP address on my Instance so everything works, i can login on ehcp, phpmyadmin and so on but the problem is the domain name. I added my elastic ip to ehcp dnsip.

I add my domaine then i go at to create my ns1 and ns2 with the elastic IP address but when i point to dont works.

If you remember you helped me on chat and i made it to work one time but now im really lost...i dont know what im missing.

All ports are open, everything its installed and the amazon ec2 instance is clean and also i run sudo apt-get update and upgrade before to install ehcp.

What to do next im lost.


domain section
step by step.

here is a checklist in short:
* did you add your domain in ehcp
* did you change ns (dns, nameserver) of your domain in the registrar, to be ns1.yourdomain or ns1.yourmaindomain, which is hosted on same server
* dns uses port 53, I don't see this port open on your list. open that too.

after that, if stil don't work, we would check some other things.