add domain commands in ehcp

1- Add Domain To my ftp user: (Most Easy), only asks for domainname, setups domain in default ftp user of paneluser; if no default ftp user, then, an ftp account is setup for first, once only; after seting up ftpusername, only domainname is enaugh on subsequent calls to this function.

2- Easy Add Domain : setups a diferent paneluser, domain, ftpuser, with all names set to domainname. only three inputs: domainname, pass, email

3- Normal Add Domain: paneluser, domainname, ftpuser, their passwords are all separate and setable. bw U/L D/L also setable. This is what we have most control over usernames, passwords.

4- Bulk Add Domain: Just like case 1, with ability to add many domains at single step. All domains are setup in default ftp of account (paneluser/admin). this is useful if admin needs to make online many domains quickly. "Under Construction" page is put in all domain's homes.

5- Add DNS only hosting: this just adds domain to dns/bind/named of server, redirecting domain to any ip given. No apache is configured, and no files are hosted.. This is so called "dns hosting"

Note some “similar operations” at bottom of each command

6-Easy Add Domain to different IP (in this server, not multiserver): This command is used to add a domain to another IP that exists in same server. (is seen at bottom when clicked on any of add domain command)

ehcp->add domain->bottom, other operations->easy add domain to different IP

To use this you need first to do:
login as admin,
ehcp->options->list/add servers/IP's -> add IP to this server -> enter IP to use in ehcp

if you want to use this feature (use different IP on same server) with other “add domain” commands such as “normal add”, “add to my ftp”, do this:
ehcp->options->list/add servers/IP's ->set Active webserver IP->enter an IP
this way, all “add domain” operations will use that IP.
To cancel it and return to default, go to same place, leave blank, save.

to use this, download new testing ehcp from
you may replace only classapp.php and localutils.php if you already have ver 0.29.15
otherwise, upgrade your ehcp.
in both case: logout & login back, then, try to add domain with different IP.