Domain Only Hosting - Email Issue

I have setup several ehcp servers. However, I am unable to send Email (using webmail) to any site hosted as a 'Domain Only Hosting' site.

It seems the server is trying to find the mailbox on the ehcp webmail server, when in fact the DNS all points to the other ehcp server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


do you mean "Dns only hosting"?

please send me an example domain of interest, (you may send here or to I will analyse a bit.

since you installed many ehcp servers, your ideas, suggestions, bug reports and critics are important for me. if you have any other ideas, send me.

see you.

- The ehcp server install / setup script is far and above any commercial system I have tried; quick, easy and simple. Great work!

- The dnszonetemplate with (ns, ns2, ns3, dns, dns2, dns3) ns2.{domainname} confused me a little, as their can only be one reverse DNS entry each server IP. I hard coded these values to the actual ns1, ns2 and ns3 servers.

- In using a firewall, I was also a little confused as to why the /etc/hosts file contained hard coded entries for each of www.{domainname} entries; especially since they pointed to the internal IP address of the server.

- One huge addition to the ehcp control panel could be the ability for each Email user to create their own vacation message. Currently every control panel I have tried does not have this feature, but everyone keeps asking for it.

1. nice to hear that
2. they are used, because in ehcp, your server is your dns server at the same time. with ehcp, you have your own dns server

3. it should not affect normal behaviour of server. in contrast, they are put to let user use the server desktop to access the site. otherwise, users cannot use server to browse sites. especially good for home hosting people, that use same machine.

4. this already exists. email users may login with their email, their pass to panel, then may set auto-reply message. that auto reply means a vacation message. later, they can disable. in that email panel, they can change their pass, define forwarding.

in ehcp, 4 levels of users:
1-Admin: This is server admin, the most powerful ehcp user, able to add resellers, domain admins, email users, delete all, do some server related tasks, etc.
2-Reseller: this has ability to add many domains, delete them.
3-Domain admin: this has same rights as reseller, except for single domain
4-email user: can login to ehcp using email and email pass, then, do very basic things like, email forwarding,autoreply and email pass change.

Almost all users' pages are customizable through templates.

We are still unable to send Emails to 'Dns only hosting' domains.

When I look at the Postfix setup it seems to reference all the domains on the system. I have checked the DNS, and everything look good.

vi /etc/postfix/
virtual_mailbox_domains = proxy:mysql:/etc/postfix/

Subject: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

This is the mail system at host ns.

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

The mail system

: unknown user: ""

Reporting-MTA: dns; ns
X-Postfix-Queue-ID: 08EA2320CE1
X-Postfix-Sender: rfc822;
Arrival-Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2011 12:21:14 -0500 (EST)

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.1.1
Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; unknown user: ""

please try this:
ehcp->options->edit options->un-check "This machine is used for Desktop access too (Update hosts file with domains)", save
retry email sending.
this may solve.
otherwise , syslog output is needed.
also in your server, console:
command output for that domain

See solution above...

Add the following to your file, see below:
additional_conditions = AND homedir != ''

vi /etc/postfix/
user = ehcp
password = ***
dbname = ehcp
table = domains
select_field = 'virtual'
where_field = domainname
additional_conditions = AND homedir != ''
hosts = localhost

It only makes sense to deliver Email to domains hosted on the server, otherwise Postfix should use the MX record for the Email delivery.


I have Fresh Installation and try only one domain for sending mail.
This is my mailq unable to send & receive mail..
Give Me a Example for MX record link (,,

EAAC523A1477 819 Fri Jul 25 13:04:57
(connect to[2607:f8b0:4002:c07::1a]:25: Network is unreachable)

9490A23A147E 3287 Fri Jul 25 13:06:49
(connect to[]:25: Connection timed out)

4E71D23A147F 698 Fri Jul 25 14:16:15
(connect to[]:25: Connection timed out)

3188423A1482 698 Fri Jul 25 14:56:46
(connect to[2607:f8b0:4002:c07::1b]:25: Network is unreachable)

6511C23A0ACE 493 Fri Jul 25 12:15:29
(connect to[2607:f8b0:4002:c07::1a]:25: Network is unreachable)

60DF923A0A59 614 Fri Jul 25 11:16:18 www-data@dnkserver
(connect to[]:25: Connection timed out)

85A6123A144D 493 Fri Jul 25 11:33:52
(connect to[]:25: Connection timed out)

A79BC23A0A43 15756 Fri Jul 25 11:12:47 root@dnkserver
(connect to[]:25: Connection timed out)

AA5EA23A1460 493 Fri Jul 25 12:18:30
(connect to[2607:f8b0:4002:c07::1a]:25: Network is unreachable)

A55C223A146F 493 Fri Jul 25 13:02:10
(connect to[2607:f8b0:4002:c07::1a]:25: Network is unreachable)

-- 27 Kbytes in 11 Requests.