Adddns only hosting / Add dns only with paneluser Problem

Function: Adddns only hosting / Add dns only with paneluser

I complete all the fields and I get the following message:

Some Error Occured.
domainname cannot be empty.

It seems as if their was a bug surrounding blank domain names, however the fix seems to be blocking valid entries.

- New server and ehcp installation
- OS ubuntu v10.10 x64
- ehcp Version: 0.29.13

please new version, which can be downloaded from one of followings:

(same file)

either reinstall or, do upgrade. i suggest re-install.

in that new version, your error should not occur. I remember that we fixed it.

Thank you very much, that resolved my issues (well as least my hosting issues).

The ehcp control panel looks like a great system. Now all I need are my new servers to arrive, and I can give ehcp are real test drive...