add ftp user freely, any directory

Guest: I have just setup EHCP on my server. up and running now, but I have a quick question regarding FTP accounts.
from what I have read you can not add ftp accounts from outside of EHCP ie useradd, ect.
me: you can,
by inserting into mysql table, ftpaccounts.
or php functions, that are func. of ehcp
but, you cannot use a second ftp server in same server
Guest: I want to use one ftp
but I need to add a user ftp access outside of the working folders of EHCP
me: do this way:
insert normally in ehcp,
then, in phpmyadmin, ehcp db, ftpaccounts table
edit homedir
Guest: Say I wish to add a user "JoeBlack" to have access to /home/JoeBlack/
me: then, in filesystem, chown vsftpd thatdir
no automatic way
we did not do it, because of security
it is not advisable