dynamic dns howto

ehcpdeveloper: try to understand the case, and solve step by step.
ehcpdeveloper: 1st, I do not suggest dynamic ip, it is not good
ehcpdeveloper: 2nd: if dynamic, then,
ehcpdeveloper: install dyndns client in your ehcp server,then, in ehcp->options check dyndns
ehcpuser: already set
ehcpdeveloper: that way, should work.
ehcpdeveloper: also redirect your domain to dyndns dns server, or if left on ehcp,
ehcpdeveloper: frequent change of ip is not good.
ehcpuser: every 24h ip reset
ehcpuser: t-com bastards
ehcpuser: .D
ehcpdeveloper: then you need to use dns server of dyndns
ehcpdeveloper: if any
ehcpdeveloper: otherwise, your sites will not be available
ehcpuser: yes, that they charge 30us$
ehcpuser: so, there is no free service existing for that purpose of redirecting domain to ehcp server?
ehcpuser: if you know any ?
ehcpdeveloper: dont know.
ehcpdeveloper: that may not be free
ehcpuser: ye
ehcpuser: 30us$ per year, at least to test if it can be wroked on
ehcpdeveloper: in future, I was planing to offer such dyndns within ehcp, automatic, however, I had to postpone plans.


additional note:

for dynamic IP:
1. I strongly recomend static IP
2. two important things to complete:
a) make sure your "Do you use dynamic ip/dns?" is checked in your
ehcp->options (with this, ehcp updates server config to reflect new
b) dynamic IP software should be able to update its ip in its dynamic
IP service, whatever it is. (this will redirect your domain to your
server from registrar...)