EHCP as mx backup?

is there anyway i can use 2 ehcp setups to make
em mx backup for etch other :)


yes, there is a way,
bu not an automatic way,

setup two ehcp,
on second one, update these files:


set hostname the first mailserver (ehcp that is used actually)

also in 1st one, allow for mysql connection from 2nd server
this way,
2nd server will server emails that are in ehcp db in 1st server.

in 1st server: update dnstemplate file to reflect a second mailserver.

then i will automatic created domains and mail adresse on second server ?

" there anything els??"

yes, after that initial setup, your domains and emails will be also useful on second server,
if you gonna use a second server for emails, both server should see same hdd space as /home/vmail
otherwise, users may have difficulty in reading their emails.
when sending, receiving their emails, no problem.

when using multi-server, similar servers should see the same hdd space.
I sent to your email, ehcp multi-server documentation, to give an idea.