Thunderbird e Ehcp

Hi, I'm using ehcp for my site, now you've created the site works perfectly all really, even emails are fine, send and receive emails, but I want to connect with my Thunderbird e-mail, but I'm having problems, As I can download mails with thunderbird, but I can not send them because we are saying that the SMTP server is taking too long in responding.
How do I configure the SMTP server based on my server.
I used this: but nothing, then I used and still nothing.

How can I do, who gives me a hand to configure thunderbird with ehcp?


latest thunderbird automatically finds settings, mostly.

add your email user to thunderbird as usual,
put email username like:

ignore certificate warning. (your server has self signed cert.)

after adding email, if there is a porblem,

go to account settings, server settings, instead of STARTTLS, use SSL

i will try to record a tut/video about this.