Drupal multisite installation on ehcp Server

Hallo everybody

Ehcp is a wonderfull app for hosting
I have a problem trying to setup drupal multisite (one core drupal installaion for many sites) in my ehcp server.I have tried many things but nothing worked.
1.Installed a lamp server ( ubuntu and debian .
Tested apache (/var/www) , mysql an php everything is ok

2.Installed ehcp without any problems So points to ehcp admin control panel.

3.I installed drupal in /var/www/drupal and made the multisite option availiable configuring the settings.php for both sites
via & www.mytom.lan

. Adding to my /etc/hosts file www.mydom.lan www.mytom.lan
and enable virtual hosts for apache I was able to enter both sites from my browser
(e.g of my virtual host file for www.mydom.lan)

ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
ServerName www.mydom.lan
DocumentRoot /var/www/drupal

Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride All

Returning to ehcp I ve created the www.mydom.lan via easy add domain option and disable the virtualhost that i created before.Pointing with my browser now after restarting apache at www.mydom.lan returned me the ehcp default.html page created with a new empty domain.

My problem is that I cannot redirect apache template created by ehcp to my drupal multisite installation (var/www/drupal) I tried changing in the ehcp template the DocumentRoot but it didn't work

UseCanonicalName Off
#DocumentRoot {homedir}/httpdocs
DocumentRoot /var/www/drupal/sites/www.mydom.lan/

I m sure I have mixed something
Any Help appreciated


you added :
ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
ServerName www.mydom.lan
DocumentRoot /var/www/drupal

Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride All

to your apache config? isnt it ?

and your problem is most probably, you want to reset (make empty) the apache config in ehcp for those domains .. isnt it ?

if yes, do like this:
go todomain,
click "edit apache template"
just write :
# empty template

then, save

ehcp will not produce any apache config fot those domains

if this does not work, i need to investigate more deep.

I think I didn't explain good enough and I confused you

Your answer is clear but I don't want to override the ehcp configuration
I want to merge the ehcp with a drupal multisite install

I create a domain via ehcp ---> www.panoulis.lan
Now in /var/www/vhosts/www.panoulis.lan/www.panoulis.lan/httpdocs is the DocumentRoot of my site

I have already a drupal multisite installation in /var/www/drupal without involving ehcp at all
(that was before ehcp installation and it is usuable and after by typing http://"serverip"/drupal )

The question is
How can I redirect ehcp DocumentRoot for www.panoulis.lan to point another server path e.g /var/www/drupal/sites/www.panoulis.lan.I tried inside ehcp/apachehcp.conf or in the apache template to put the new DocumentRoot but nothing happened

(to be more specific /var/www/drupal/sites/www.panoulis.lan/ this is the one of my domains inside drupal/sites/)

Thanks for the quick answer :)
I will insist trying and if again didn't manage to explain good enough I will give you access to the virtual machine I use as server and try to explain it real time

Waiting for your answer my friend

if you change the "apachetemplate" file, then, all domains will be affected; most probably you do not want this.

as far as I understand, do this way:
list domains,
click on that domain (choose it) (for each domain of your drupal installation)

click "edit apache template "

you will see the default template of apache
in DocumentRoot section,
write whatever you want.

if again I misunderstand, then, send your server info to info@ehcp.net,
i will check it. my IM (instant messaging) info is written in contact page. almost all ehcpdeveloper

in past, I also saw the multi-site installation type of drupal. in fact, it would be very nice if we could integrate that feature inside ehcp (so that it may be automatically configured inside ehcp). maybe with you, we can achieve this.

as you see, ehcp.net site is also a drupal, but, I am not a drupal expert, and this is not a multi-site install, although it would be good.

see you.