Q & A: private dns-nameserver and customization

Guest: Is there any tutorial where it shows you how to setup private name servers?
the CP looks cool and promising

me: .

no need to tutorial
with ehcp,
you already has private name servers.
you already have

Guest: it looks complex

me: 1m

Guest: I have set them up at godaddy

me: just follow http://www.ehcp.net/helper/yardim/cat.php?cid=4
you will have your own nameserver
there is som tut like this.

Guest: so i already registered 2 name servers at my registrar
now nothing to do on ehcp?

me: just add/setup your domain. nothing else
add in ehcp
that easy.
understand ?
it should work, if you did all redirection on registrar, and ports on your router/modem
say your domain
let mecheck

Guest: ah nice


Guest: it probably needs more time for propagation

me: some time yes.

Guest: i could see the uc page using proxy
so all seems t be fine
so it isn't like cPanel
you need to add them again in WHM

me: I dont know much about WHM and its function. no idea

Guest: I see
are you one of the developers?

me: yes

Guest: If we want a white label ehcp , actually give it a complete new name and make a simpler user interface , less control
can we make a deal on hat
do you have an idea about the cost?

me: .
sory, did not understand fully. do you want to help on web design of ehcp ? or give a quote on that ?
your email ?

Guest: I want to rebrand ehcp , make it look simpler , Less Control, I mean i want to give it our own brand name instead of ehcp
and im asking if you would agree without, tell me the cost

me: 1m

Guest: ok

me: normally, ehcp is opensource, and you can modifye/use it as you wish..
so , you dont have to pay for modifying and using it.
however, if you wish, you can donate,
so that development goes better.
I dont say you any cost/amount of money for that.
you can donate any amount you wish

Guest: I know it is open source, do not you mind if i remove ehcp link?
after donating an amount of money for an example.

me: hmmm.

me: I normally prefer that, at least one small link is left on somewhere, however, if you wish, you can remote that too, after donating.. and thank you for asking permission for that... as somebody even do not ask...
thank you for you kindness while asking to remove links.

Guest: yes sure i ask, i wouldn't remove the link just like that
so also if io want some customazation, you do that kind of work?

me: and if possible, It would be better that we can use your design, except branding,
that depends on your needs.

we can do some work.
describe what you need, what kind of customization. and I will tell you
if it is possible or not, in near time.
not every combination may be possible.
if you want just "template" to be modified, you can make it by outsourcing on any html designer.
it is an html

Guest: I understand , you're being easy guy , like that
so this is your email addresss
is it gmail?
I may need some customization really soon

Guest: I will contact you shortly :

Thank you for the friendly chat!

me: see you