Q&A: ehcp log cannot connect to mysql

Is there a way to get timestamps on the ehcp log I get e-mailed each day? It's saying it can't connect to the mysql, but I've already taken the recommended steps on your site to resolve that error. Why am I still getting those error messages if the EHCP is working just fine?

1st: ehcp log and timestamps: I will describe in another post ..... will write here...

if you see those errors , your ehcp is not working fine... only, you do not feel the error, since you do not add/update a new domain in panel... you will see domain add not working if you try it..

most probably, you are using some older version of ehcp.
upgrade to latest (0.29.09 or newer: 0.29.10) and you will see those error disappear mostly (I hope).

those errors are caused when mysql restarts, while ehcp daemon running, with older versions of ehcp.
on newer versions, this does not continue forever, instead, ehcp daemon just restarts in case of that error.. restarting fixes that..


I'm able to add domains just fine. I can even add mysql DBs and users just fine. My question is more about why the EHCP log e-mail doesn't reset....it's like it's sending me the same log file over and over with no new information.

I think it sends you some warning messages, so that you get informed... and perhaps, warnings all same...
if you dont want get informed, get into classapp.php, disable email sending, then restart ehcp,
or just ignore those emails...
ehcp tries to figure out problems automatically, as much as it can, or informs the admin... this is seen as useful by most people... :)