Help needed with configuration of everything

I have tried this a few times with little success. My last attempt would allow web site to send out email but not receive. And when sent out some were being bounced because in the email header was from www-data@localhost and of course that's not real. The web site hosting side worked just fine except for the postfix mail side. As above, would send out but many got bounced because of the header showing www-dats@localhost and I could not ping the mail. or smtp. server side or even telnet to port 25. Any attempt to access email account from outside would fail.
As a note ftp also worked perfect.
Obviously my stumble is somewhere in the setup of postfix or godaddy but I do not think it is godaddy.

I have:
New install of ubuntu 8.10 server LAMP.
Domain name not set up as dns server.
Static ip pointing at server via godaddy a record.
Computers name is pacific.
MX records set to smtp and via godaddy.
When postfix asked for domain I set to (not mail. or smtp. )
Ubuntu desktop.
Plan to install webmin also.
I have one nic set to static lan ip address.
internet connection through router which is set for one of our 5 comcast static ip addresses.
I have port forwarding set in both directions for all the ports etc.
I have a PTR reverse dns record set up with comcast as the block mail servers by default. Hopefully it is set up correctly by comcast and not the problem.

So before I screw it up again I need some kind guidance.

Do I have to set it up as a dns server also and configure things at godaddy etc?

Should I set up an account inside ehcp for or would that be incorrect.
Other than set postfix for internet site and to (not mail.pacific)
I would eventually like to host more than just one site.
Thanks in advance.

I will try to guide you as much as i can:

1- install a clean Ubuntu server or desktop or basic system, with no additional software, such as lamp, webmin or else.
No other server related software should be installed before ehcp. Because ehcp installs everything needed for a working hosting environment, by means of apt-get. So, dont install LAMP or webmin or any other control panel software, since they will interfere each other.. in fact LAMP is not control panel, but ehcp install them too.

2- Do not skip any part of install of ehcp. Install it as a whole, later, you just dont use dns and so on, if you want to use that from godaddy

3- after install of ehcp, set up your domain in ehcp, with only ( . is automatically generated by ehcp.

4- at postifx configure section, as mail domain, write only Afet your ehcp install and your domain setup finish in ehcp, set up an email such as in ehcp, you may login to this email via an email client or webmail. This email should be working out of box. no special things/settings.

5- No special dns settings needed for normal hosting environment, such as ptr, smpt and so on... You may use godaddy for dns of your domain, it is only enaugh to redirect your domain to your ip , from godaddy.. Redirect both A records and MX records.

6- I advice you to start a clean install, not existing ubuntu,

7- if you are an experienced person, you may try/test our new version at Not that this is not public, may have obvious bugs, but worth to try if you are wishing to test new ones.. its installation may be slightly easier..

8- you may contact me in case you need help at msn/email: or, skype/gtalk/yahoo: ehcpdeveloper

9- if you have problem, i may connect to your server by ssh and check for the problem..

i hope these will be useful, see you..

Another update. The remote client appears to be able to connect to the server and send as I did a test and the email went through using the pacificcoastgetaways mail server and not my isp.

But here is some heart breaking news. Unfortunately tomorrow I will have to start from scratch as I have had two of my three drives fail on my raid array. I will be installing 4 new drives tomorrow and reloading ubuntu server and ehcp and then I will see where I once again stand.
A couple of questions:
My remote client settings for pop or imap. For pop what should they be such as mail. smtp. pop. etc or nothing? The same question for imap?
I am running through a router but could set the server up to directly connect via my static ip address. Would that be a better choice or is running behind a router with the ports directed to the servers local IP address just as good?
Once I get back online I can email you the user and password stuff in case you would like to telnet in and look around.

to test imap operations,
best is to tail -f /var/log/syslog
that way, you can learn what is going on your server.
some server/mail components mail have failed during install.

tail -f syslog
try to login using imap,
examine or write here what is going on.

your mail server is , that you should write onto your pop/imap settings...

Thanks for all the help. I seem to have it working 95% correctly now. Webmail, webftp, ftp, pop3 all look good. Once it all started working I found that I was using the wrong user name in the remote mail client. I was using the name with out the @ and full domain name.

Still there is an email problem.
I have set up phplist and am doing some testing. We have a huge list of clients who recieve email specials etc and I would like to move phplist from our outsourced providrs to this local machine. I am having a problem though with some isp's rejecting the emails due to envelope-from in the header having www-data instead of the email used in phplist as the sender. I do not get that envelope-from error when using webmail or the remote client. The envelope has the correct sender. There really is no configuration in phplist to correct this. It uses the phpmailer or I can set it to smtp such as and use an email user as the login. But the same problem with www-data for both phpmailer and smtp. This must be some config in php somewhere but where?

sory but, i also dont know exact place where you may fix this.
I may only guide you that,
all/most php mailers use php's mail function. (

php's mail function has headers parameter. if you write "From:" then, your email would be seen as coming from that person.. This is at the same time a tool for joke to your friends.. :)
for example, if you execute in a php script:
mail("","this is subject","this is message","From:");

then that person ( will receive an email as coming from
if you omit 4th parameter, "From: ...", then mail is seen as coming from www-data or whatever webserver is running with..

Why i told this ?
Because, every php mailer program has such mail directive at some point in its code. if you find the place in phplist, you may fix that easily... hard part is to find that place... i also dont know..
But, i am almost sure that phplist should have such setting somewhere...

good luck.

Ok found where to set the envelope in phplist. An oversite on my part.
Now I have another problem. In phplist there is a way to look at bounced emails and proccess them. Simply set up an email account with the user name and password in the phplist config file. In fact it is the same address in the from-envelope for the return path. The email box is set up and I can see it both via webmail and a remote client with imap set up on the remote. But when I try to proccess the bounce phplist I get the following error

"error: IMAP is not included in your PHP installation, cannot continue
Check out"

In the phplit config there is mention of it only working with a certain php version and without safe mode

"requires PHP version > "4.0.5" and "4.3.1+" without safe_mode"

I see that the php version currently in use is 5.2.6-2ubuntu4.
I will look around the phplist forums and see if anyone has an answer over there.
So I am currently lost.

I ran the command php -m from telnet prompt and got the following, no imap listed.
PHP Warning: Module 'mysql' already loaded in Unknown on line 0
[PHP Modules]

[Zend Modules]

I ran "apt-get install php-imap" and now everything works. Considering that I had to install "php-imap" my question is do you have it installed during the ehcp install. If so perhaps there was a problem with the install, if not perhaps it would be something to consider including. Hopefully I have not screwed up anything in ehcp with doing the "php-imap" install.

No, it was not included, but i did include now... thank you for your suggest and investigation..

I am also happy that, you have not screwed up anything in yourinstallation with php-imap install.
In fact, this is because of nature of ehcp philosopy, ehcp uses fully system resources and system install features...

see you

Ok I seem to have it working as far as websites are concerned. I was able to add the domain and when I browse to the site I get "Under Construction" Webftp had the wrong password in its config file but I fixed that and now it works. But I still can not get the email side to function correctly. If I try to open a webmail user I get an error that IMAP has dropped the connection.
Using an external mail client I also can not log in to the server. If I use mail. or smtp. I get "canot connect to server". If I use the client just spins it wheels for awhile then times out.
My A records are as follows.
A record
email =
imap =
mail =
pop =
smtp =
webmail = @
ftp = @
MX records
Priority = 0, host = @, goes to =
Priority = 10, host = @, goes to =

Thank you very much for the help.