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Assalamu alaikum ua rahmatu-Llahi ua barakatuh.
I think that it will be better to add in apache_subdomain_template something like that:
<directory {homedir}/phptmpdir/>
Order allow,deny
deny from all
<directory {homedir}/logs/>
Order allow,deny
deny from all

i added that to apache_subdomain_template, in ehcp files by default, newer versions will have that,

I thought about your subdomain directory structure proposal, before too,
your suggestion is nice, in future i will try to a more understandable direcotry structure such as:

ftpuser/ (normal also should point to here..)
and so on...

that way, every subdomain will have a separate and understandable tree,
logs for subdomain3 may go in

and also to ftpuser/ so that, domain owner can track all logs in a central location..

what you think ?

I think that will be better to do:

Because domains and subdomains are usually independent of each other. So it's better to separate them. I have seen such structure on paid hostings.

what if I provide both ways ?

server admin will choose one of many possible ways ?

I mean, I will develop a flexible "directory/domain skeleton", and server admin will be able to select one of them.. or maybe even define its own..

how this would be ?

It will be nice.

I tried to use name server with this hosting, but unyil now I did not succeeded.
I create in namecheap and the nameservers ns1 / n2s2 / dns1 / dns2 and pointed them to my IP (IP server external), and I also pointed the domain to the same IP.

in my ehcp panel I opened the dns only hosting for this domain and pointed it to my external IP.

Put it as my default domain

created in the domain and set the name servers for this domain as ns1 / ns2 and created in the EHCP panel his hosting

I opened the router TCP/UDP Port 53 to direct to my server

I waited for 3 days and until now the does not reaches the hosting in my server.

I have other hostings in my server EHCP, (by A address) and they are all working.My router is working well as the other sites hosted in the server.

Please. What do I need to do to make them work?

I already tried everything you say in your site for this, but I think tha I do sometong wrong and I don't get it working.

Please can anyone help me?


Ehcp ye eklediğimiz domaini ns olmadan test edebileceğimiz "ipadresi/~kullanıcı" şeklinde bir adres var mıdır?


ehcp hosting kontrol paneli mükemmel çalışıyor. Fakat açtığım mail adreslerini görmüyor. Böyle bir mail adresi yok diyor sabit ip

nereden nasıl açıyorsunuz ? görmüyor dediğiniz hata nerede veriyor ?

bir de, bu konuyu forum bölümünde acın,kontak bölümünde degil.