ehcp in Turkish People

Manuel halen yok,
Bilişim internet dünyasında manüellerin yerini forumlar aldı.
Forumda da parça parça kurulum soru ve cevaplarını bulabilirsiniz. Orda da ne yazıkki baştan sona herşeyi anlatan bişey yok, hepsini yazmak ve her tür sorunlara göre cevap üretmek oldukça zor ve zaman alıcı bir iş.. Soldaki ehcp helper menüsünü kullanabilrsiniz ama, sizin sorunlarınız ondan çok öte...

Ben forumda yazın diye, siz yazın ben cevaplayayım dedim.
Sizin sorularınızla başlayan bir yazı, hem size hem herkese hitap eder..

Easy install of server with EHCP

You should first try howto at

Below are extra explanations and alternate ways.. (ehcp)

Download Ubunto server 8.10 from here
Install and do not choose LAMP server, but install OpenSSH-server (so you can do the rest from your desktop computer via Putty).
After install log in with username and password.
Become administrator with: sudo su
Set admin password with sudo passwd root

Making and removing sites/applications


Have done some more testing and find some small things that I think should be considered to be fixed.
When making a new domain in EHCP it makes a new folder with different folders inside, among which httpdocs is. For installing applications the files goes into this folder. Sometimes it is needed to remove the whole application and install it again. If the domain is removed the created folder is not completely removed, and creates problems when setting up the domain again. i have solved it with rm - folder in linux shell.

Updated to 0,29

I decided to upgrade/reinstall 0.29 this morning.
Seems to work ok, and some nice new features.
I have a little problem installing e107 CMS; it keeps insisting that access is denied for my database user.
Even if I use username that has all priviliges. Wonder if anyone has an idea where the error might be. Other apps like memHT and Coppermine seems to work fine.
i will keep testing and report more if I find irregularities.

Best regards Rune T, Norway

My start at EHCP

I have been using ISPconfig for about two years. Lately my sites seemed to be slowing down and I decided to look for another possible solution for hosting websites and that would not put to much load on the server. By chance I found EHCP and it looked a little to good to be true. That I could do just a little preparation and the EHCP-script would do all the installing and set up the hosting solution.
After installing Ubuntu server 8.10 and setting up static IP adress and SSL, I downloaded, unpacked and started the install script, and voila!!

ehcp easy script installs or so called one click installs

You may easily install following scripts/webbased programs using ehcp. Some of scripts are ready to install with file permissions. For some, you need to do file permissions yourself.. When you click install one of them, they are automatically copied to desired directory..

1- cms- joomla - 1.5.4
2- phpbb Forum script-3.02-tr
3- cms - drupal 6.6
4- CMS - xoops
5- netoffice Online Project Management
6- phpmyadmin 3.0
7- blog - b2evolution 2.4.5
8- cms - wordpress
9- phpfreechat
10- cms - modx
11- cms - e107
12- cms - tikiwikicms - Huge !
13- osCommerce

ehcp Ver 0.29 Beta Test

New version of ehcp is about to release.
Tests being continued,
To test/get newest ehcp, download and install from
Send us your bug reports and suggestions...

Whats new in this version:
installer improved,
Bulk domain add - Add all domains in single step,
Add multiple domains to an ftp account,
Add domain to existing ftp account,
Add mysql db to existing mysql user and vise versa,
Domain redirect to an url
Advanced: Intro to multi-server concept, support for separate mysql server for users
Many minor bug-fixes and enhancements,

Notice for Script adding feature.

As you all know.
Ehcp is very useful for everyone.

I wanted to actually state something here.
Which might be useful.
As you know ehcp does now have support for script add-ons.

I do wish to inform everyone though.
I've recently had some issues with adding .zip script folders to the cp.

So just a notice for everyone who does use ehcp.

You may need a zip file opening program so it can execute the files.
Since linux (by default) does not support .zip format.
Your best bet would be getting the url of a tar.gz file.