ehcp 0.30.7 updated today

this is only for nginx update. nginx config was broken with new versions of it. so, we fixed it. If you have nginx running, you need to update your ehcp or only apachetemplate file. Thanks to Mr. Bedri for bug…

ehcp ver 0.30.7 released

please download & test: changes: * subdomains bug fixed from ver 0.30.6 * minor fixes (usage&security) * new options (such as wildcard domains) * default template is sky

why I cannot add to ubuntu repos

I tried to add to ubuntu repos, however, I received following email: —- Your application ehcp must be resubmitted Thank you for your patience during the moderation process. What does this mean? There was a problem with approving your application.…

Please test new version 0.30.4

you may download from (file updated to ver 0.30.3) to upgrade your ehcp, apply usual upgrade procedure, in short, if your ehcp >= 0.29.15, just replace files except config.php, then logout&login back. Please report bugs here (actually being…