Ehcp beta version 0.36.4.b is here

With our last announcement, we talked about new update about Ubuntu 14.04.
Something has changed in Ubuntu 14.04 and new php versions. So, we had to touch a little to ehcp. The new version is 0.36.4.b ; the last letter b at end denotes beta.

This is basicly a maintenance and update release. We fixed something related to new Ubuntu 14.04 and new php versions. Maybe the biggest change is “jump to mariadb” instead of mysql. With Ubuntu 14.04, mariadb can be “installable” through apt-get. So, mariadb is set as default in new Ehcp. If user tries to install Ehcp in an older OS, mysql is fallback solution.

Changed things in this version:

Visible changes (that users see them):
* Almost nothing. Maybe, just you may not see “deprecated” warnings.
* After installation, firefox is not launched automatically. that causes some problems.

Non-visible, behind the scene changes:
* default sql server is now mariadb. mysql is a fallback, whenever mariadb is not installable. As you know, mariadb states that it is a “drop-in” replacement. That is, it should be fully compatible. All commands, sqls should work as usual. If you live any problems, let us know, and consult mariadb documents.

* All deprecated php functions such as mysql_query are removed. All codes are cleaned according to deprecated functions.

* Some installation, mysql, table listing issues should be solved with this version.

* Code cleanup, minor improvements. (I do not remember all)

I hope this will be a cleanup for new Ubuntu versions. Since Ubuntu 14.04 is a LTS, this integration will be a long breath when complete (after tests)

Please note that, this is still a beta software. About beta software, look at

Test this as much as you can.

I tested this on Ubuntu 14.04 and U 13.10 a few times,
basic functions seems working.
I tested domain addition and ftp functions. Let me know other test results too.
I will also write a “test page” here in Until then, write your test results here please.


I can say this about development of ehcp:
Development of ehcp will continue steadily for some time, due to some other subjects; After that, it will speed up.