Feature Requests

This will be an index of all feature requests, in fact, we should use launchpad blueprints or github for feature requests…
Please either use launchpad blueprints, or post a new forum topic in “feature requests” subforum in our forums..
for this time:



At first i thank you for this fantastic panel.
I have a request based on my (small) experience and I would like to know if that feature can be takes in consideration in a next EHCP release.

I would like to have a direct access to the root/etc/ssh directory of my server, using Ehcp.

I think that if this can be possible, in case of problems regarding the sshd_config file, I can easly access to the server. In fact, I have experienced to be locked out, and the only possible solution was to ask at the provider to solve the problem.
Hope that is possible.

Best regards.