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Question by forcevision: Now I dont have any dns server any more frome my webhost how do I fix dns on ehcp ?


You have to check with your hostmaster.
For example if you have an .DK domain, you need to check dk-hostmaster.
In the case of a .DK domain you can be the registrar as a private person, but you need DNS from a trusted supplier.
If it’s an .EU domain you can’t register the domain yourself, but need a trusted registrar as well as DNS provider.

So in summary you need to find a DNS supplier and configure it.
I use http://web.gratisdns.dk/ (don’t know if they accept anything but danish customers, but it looks like they do).
the don’t provide any kind of support, but on the other hand I get to configure anything specifically to my needs – sweet..


okey !

I have all my domans .se so I need to check with .se then ?

But I have buy the name from I webhost so do I need somthing frome him ?

And What do I need for som kinde of information ?


as described on links that i provide:

in fact, you dont need to do anything special in ehcp, on your server,
Do only:
* a normal ehcp install, (if you previously installed, dont touch anything)
* Then redirect your domain to ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com, and register ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com as pointing to your server ip, from where you bought (buy) your domain.

the links that i provide describes that in detail, mostly..
ehcp is ready to do that, you dont need to do any setting in ehcp, just setup yourdomain.com in ehcp normally.

You may configure your own dns with ehcp, if you have a domain name.
You dont need any hosting provider, in fact you “ARE BECOMING” a hosting provider with ehcp.
You only need: a domain, a static ip, a server, your domain redirected to your ip/server,

Follow/look on these:

Another question/conversation:

Could I create my own dns servers with only 1 IP address

me: .
most ehcp users do same way
mee too

ehcp_user: without using dns hosting with the registrar of the domain ?

me: yes
Sent at 12:15 AM on Wednesday

ehcp_user: I’ve already registered my desired nameservers (the domain is in Godaddy – I’ve seen information that the nameservers should be submitted to some kind of ns register)

me: godaddy is ns register itself.
there is no separate ns register.
but, unfortunately, some registrars, do not allow same ip to be used for ns1 and ns2
I am not sure about godaddy.
nameservers (ns) are registered in domain sellers (registrars) such as godaddy
Sent at 12:18 AM on Wednesday

ehcp_user: there was no problem – I just added ns1 and ns2 as Host Summary and selected the same IP for both of the ns servers
Sent at 12:20 AM on Wednesday

ehcp_user: I just can’t understand what will “hold” the ns records if there’s no A record (or CNAME) for ns1.domain.com
Sent at 12:24 AM on Wednesday

this way:
if anybody asks for domain.com
first, ask to internet big, godfather, icann, for “who is registrar”
registrar found in icann
a query is sent to registrar as: “who is dns server for this domain?”
registor knows, and should know dns
this way dns is learned.
then, a new query is sent to dns as ” who is web server for this domain”
at this stage, if no dns is defined. nothing returned.
if defined, website is returned.
so, even if you have no ns record in your dns, registrar may know your dns (if you define it in registrar.) . but, without your dns records, your website cannot be seen in web.
understand ?

ehcp_user: yes, I understood most of the information
then even the domain.com itself could be pointed to hosting ns servers ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com ?

me: yes.
Sent at 12:32 AM on Wednesday

ehcp_user: and after the request for the website(server) bind handles all requests (mail/subdomains/cname records and other records) ?
Sent at 12:33 AM on Wednesday

me: yes
Sent at 12:34 AM on Wednesday

ehcp_user: then the only thing that is required is to register the ns servers in host summary in godaddy and it’s done ?

me: register ns in godaddy, then setup your server/ehcp in that ip
add domain to ehcp.
Sent at 12:37 AM on Wednesday

ehcp_user: yes, sure
this was very helpful
I was depending on other’s dns’es from a very long time

me: with ehcp, you have your own dns.
these are in fact, explained in http://www.ehcp.net/helper/yardim/cats.php

Another Question:

my registrar, do not allow same ip to be used for ns1 and ns2
How do I bypass this thing? It would be useless without nameservers :/


You have a few options:
1- change your registrar
2- you can buy a second IP
3- you can use dns of your “registrar”, some registrars has dns service. in that case, you are not using dns properties of your server. this has drawbacks and advantages.