Ehcp 20.04 Docker and Vagrant Image

You may try ehcp only by using ehcp docker image. This will install ehcp into an isolated docker environment, where normal filesystem of your server/desktop not modified.

To install ehcp docker image, run:
docker pull ehcp/ehcp

To run this:
docker run -p 80:80 ehcp/ehcp

This will run and bind port 80 of your computer/server to port 80 of docker, in which you may see ehcp login page. Default password for this is, as usual, 1234. Username is admin.
To use other ports, you may specify in this commnad additionally. Ftp should also work on port 2121

This is Ehcp version 20.04, which is in beta stage.

Same version, Vagrant installation:
vagrant init ehcp/ehcp \
–box-version 20.04
vagrant up

We had previously written Vagrant method for Ehcp installation:

In future, we will try to prepare following deployment methods for Ehcp:
– Ehcp installation using Ansible,
– Ehcp installation using Terraform